Breakfast Smoothie


Before the stresses of parenthood I was a very healthy person. I went to the gym every day (even though I worked up to 70 hours a week!) and I never ate sugar.
Actually, it started when I was 16. I always got massive, painful cyst-like spots every time I ate sugar (I now know I can eat up to 8 grams per day without effect). So I made a plan, not to eat it at all (not hidden in food either) for 28 days, as it takes 21 days to break a habit. I made it. Once past the first 15 days it got easier, and that says a lot as I ate several hundred grams of sweets every single day. I was truly addicted.

But then major holidays happened and I ate it again, and I was hooked, once more. When I moved out from my mother's house, aged 18 I didn't touch sugar for a year (except for alcohol - but that never affected my skin).

Then I moved to England and wanted to try what they sold here. I wasn't impressed. So two years passed with very rare sugar episodes. I lived on salads, and that was it.

Along came Jesse. I didn't touch sugar. He didn't get any until his first birthday and after that not much, as I never had it in my house. 
Then I met Gary. Biggest doughnut, sugar, cake lover in the world. Not keeping sugar in the house has been a real struggle as Gary think we must have it and I say not. Usually he wins - as Eden was grown up on sugar. This has now turned into not just a fight with myself, but a fight with three other people. And I know for a fact that when Gary is in work he sneak eat as much as he can. He actually rather get sugar than food, and then I find wrappers in his car!

Anyway, I am healthy now, and one of my favourite smoothies is this one:

This is a perfect breakfast smoothie. I use these ingredients;

* Ripe banana (preferably organic)
* Fresh spinach
* Ice
* Agave nectar or raw honey
* Miracle matcha Health mix in (goji berries, flax seeds, white tea, chia)
* Soya protein powder
* Milk (as in, rice, almond, soya or coconut)
* Juice (pineapple or apple)

Then mix, mix, mix.

My kids normally love smoothies but this is not one of them ;) If you share smoothies with young children you need to remove the soya powder (as the one I use is not a 100% natural product, if you use that though go for it).

Do keep all raw honey away from children under one as they might not be able to handle the bacteria in it.

When I make a smoothie for the kids I mix different fruits, natural yoghurt, agave, spinach, almond/rice milk and apple juice. The spinach has absolutely no flavour what so ever so it is an easy vegetable to hide and make kids eat/drink.

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