Day of the Girl Child


"On this International Day of the Girl Child, I call on all governments to take action to end all forms of violence against girls in all parts of the world. Together, we must create a world where violence against women and girls is never tolerated and girls are always empowered to reach their full potential. "
Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
Three years ago, United Nations declared 11th of October to be the International Day of the Girl Child. Their idea is to make people aware of the lives that face girls all over the world. From being killed at birth, to mutilation, discrimination and child marriage.
Many charities speak out and help educate countries/societies/villages and people on the rights ALL children have. Girls should feel safe and that they matter.
Today is the day which we think about these girls a little bit extra, their lives and the future they will grow up in. There has to be a stop and change in the minds. Our girls matter just as much.
You can help support the cause via many charities, for example Plan UK. Plan exists in many countries world wide. Sponsor a child, give a donation, speak up or volunteer. What ever You can do, will mean everything to girls who have nothing or no one.

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