Halloween is coming! Eleven more days and counting down.
My favourite celebration events from best:

1. Christmas
2. Halloween
3. My birthday (which is in three days time!)
4. Midsummers (very big in Sweden)
5. Other birthdays
6. Easter

Events like Valentines and New Years are not something I've ever celebrated that much. All I remember from growing up is eggs filled with prawns and being extremely tired and very cold - as all windows were open!
I've never been out, partying either, and now I wouldn't/couldn't as cheering the new year is something that I want to do with my kids (who accidentally go to bed at 1 am every evening except for new years when they retreat after dinner! Much to my dismay).

But HALLOWEEN. We love it. Last year I made the whole house up, Jesse was Frankenstein's monster and Eden was Chucky. I was a dead girl doll. Normally, I'm one of those who believe it's a time for women to dress with as little fabric as possible. And preferably not scary at all.

A week ago, me and Gary (and Eden) started watching Game of Thrones (I know, way behind - but after kids, we don't use the TV, ever) and I've fallen in love with Daenerys (the dragon princess, Khaleesi) style. So much so I'm actually going to make her pink, first scene, dress for my Handfasting next year.

But today, I decided that I want to dress up in her Qarth dress for Halloween. First of all - very, very late. I have ordered a turquoise dress that hopefully will arrive before I need it! And then I need extra fabric for the back, beads... ehm, imagination. And since I have no time I have to make the belt and shoulders very simple. I looked everywhere online for a belt, and the foam pieces people have made as replicas would take a long time to cut out.

I then took one of my five belts, cut it and painted it gold. It's absolutely not as wide as the original but it is better than nowt.

If this dress happens to be made, I'll show it to you, so wish me luck.

Last Halloween:

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