It's a start for the Dragon Princess


I've been running around trying to find the back 'cape like' fabric on my Daenerys (Game of Thrones) dress. And I didn't really. Hobby craft was a bit useless. For such a big store, you think they would have more fabrics... In the end I had to go to my local, tiny, fabric shop. Go figure, not much choice.

I was looking for a see-through fabric that wasn't shiny, in turquoise. The ones I had to choose from was; dark blue, light blue and teal! You would think that I went with the light blue, but I didn't. I got teal. Which is not at all the shade I needed.

Sigh. Double sigh.

In hindsight I shouldn't even have bought it until I knew the exact colour of the dress I got to go with it. What am I doing??? I like to believe I'm good at crafts. I have all these AMAZING ideas in my head and I can really see it in my head. But somehow, my imagination and my hands are not connected. What a nuisance.

I am still waiting for the dress to arrive, but I have to go with what I've got now, so I started painting the gold flecks on the back fabric. It is currently rolling around in a ball, in the drier to crinkle up.

Wish it luck.

Sea sponge and in my case - any random gold colour I have in the cupboard.
I believe it is a wall tester pot...

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