My Wedding dress


When I set out to buy my wedding dress I had no idea what I was looking for. We had no set date - we just knew we were probably going to get married in the summer of 2014, maybe 2015. I wanted to be prepared, no matter what. So, in early 2013 I had already made THE purchase. Why? Well, I knew I wanted a bargain. Probably some lace, some pearls and I preferred satin - not chiffon. What did I do? I could have gone into a bridal shop, but I didn't. And that is something I regret in hindsight (just to get the experience). No! What I did do was to log onto my beloved Ebay. The very same day, mind you, I found it. My dress.

It said it was a size 10, but measurements of a 32 inch chest and 25 inch waist didn't trick me. Sounded like a 6 to me! Let's not forget that I am actually a size 8, but who cares? Not me, I just found my dress.

I was the only bidder in the end. This Mori Lee designer dress (but from what decade?) was mine. With shipping it came out at a very comfortable... £42. Yes. £15 of that was delivery. 
Gosh was I proud of myself! A good bargain makes my stomach flutter, but this. What a deal!
Obviously meant to be. 
It came, it was amazing.
The end.
No just kidding. A week before the wedding I finally tried it on again, and it did not fit. I could not breathe, I felt like I was going to faint, and I was sure the stitching was going to come undone.
So I did what any normal person would do - I went and bought a white, sparkly, party dress from Miss Selfridge's for the evening. For £99. Not a bargain, but if a girl wants something then.. well. Get it.

After the ceremony, a hook holding the train popped. Which wasn't ideal. But it was off for photographs anyway!

I wore it, through pain and all, but I was very happy to get out of it when it was all done and dusted :P

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