Hey hey, been a little bit preoccupied with my amazingly busy life (sort of) so I haven't known what to write.

So today I was going to give you a tip.

I managed to buy rocket salad instead of baby leaf and rocket tastes gross. 'Peppery' it says on the bag, and this is why I never buy it.

Decided to pour some olive oil, balsamic vinegar, lemon juice and agave nectar on it and actually - once it's sweet it tastes kind of good.

I've also been thinking about rejoining the gym (that I quit two month's ago). I just have so much pent up energy that I need to get out. I've been doing squats in the hallway and I'm just not building much muscle... weirdly enough. Even been using Gary's heavy dumbbell bar thing. It's like 20 kilos or near it... And it didn't help, it was too heavy. I know my little Jesse can lift it but we all KNOW that men are born with muscle. Even Eden has better abs than me.

Here is a random photo of a horse I met, twice, randomly.

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