We are feeling the spider season in our house. Very big, big, big, nasty ones. So for this reason I've spent an hour looking at spider pictures, reading about them and living myself into horrible news stories. Why am I doing such a thing? If it is to create deep anxiety, then yes. I absolutely dislike spiders.

But why are they so gross? A dog bite hurts more and happens more often than a spider bite, so it's not the pain we fear. Is it because someone told us, when we were kids, that they crawl into your ears and lay eggs in your brain? Yes. That one.

It also does not help that we apparently eat a few in our food/chocolate every year. And that statistics tell us we swallow 4 whole ones in our sleep, yearly.

They also like to scare people. Much like ghosts. You see a black shadow across the floor, or something flicker on the wall. BOOM! There he is, glaring at you with all his eyes, haunting you. Ready to jump down on your face to nestle it's way into your nose.

Is it only me who believes all this?


So here's some less 'charged' and hostile pictures.

Sad spider

Sad spider. Happy spider
(probably fake. I don't think spiders feel happy. They must think 'kill' all day long)

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