We want Christmas


I start thinking about christmas in september, every year. I usually start buying gifts then, but this year it has been very hard. My children wants very few things. Jesse wants TV games and Eden wants cars. He already have 150 of them, but that doesn't matter. Somehow he expects me to buy more. To his defence, most of them has already disappeared.

Stuck in the drain in the bath, hidden under creamy bowls, face deep in porridge. I'm not sure where they go. But they're a little bit like Lego. You buy a massive starter pack, and after about half has got stuck under your foot, 1/5 chewed on and the rest somewhere in the sofa - you give up. You throw it all out, swear you'll never buy it again, but two weeks later you feel bad and you're back to square one.

Jesse had been playing the Minecraft demo for a few months now and I told him he might get it for christmas. But did he?

No. I bought it, got pressured from husband that 'he shouldn't have to wait so long!' and caved in.

So now I have no idea what to give him. Last year, we bought 78 gifts for the kids. Plus they got to open a couple in.. September. Of course. I strongly dislike buying things I don't like. For example, cars. In previous years they've liked more fun stuff and weren't so set on certain things.

The only gifts I have bought this far are books for Jesse, including school work books - he loves those. A few clothing items and one bus for Eden. All of these have taken me many hours to source.

You see, I have a problem. If I decide each week that I will use a certain amount of money on christmas gifts it feels fun, like spending, all the time. This year I saved up - so I could buy everything at the same time. NOOOO. No, because now I have all this juicy money sitting in my account looking taaaaaasty. I don't want to spend. I want to be Scrooge. Keep my money. Christmas is over.

But I loooooooooooooooove christmas!

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