Wooden toys


I am trying to find some christmas gifts. I noticed when I was in town today that weirdly enough, people are christmas shopping! You think they would focus on Halloween. I had to wait ages in Argos because one woman had ordered 30 toys! How did she get them home/to the car? :S

Personally, I'm a fan of wooden toys and toys that look closer to nature than a chemistry lab. My children don't always share my views. They like brands and eyes on every toy. Because wellies should stare at you, right?

One of my favourite companies are Great Little Trading Co. They do amazing toys and furniture, in wood :)

These are really cool:

But of course, I am super girly and wish I could get these instead:

If you enter code CHRISTMASTREE you get 15% of all orders over £50 until November 3rd.

And if you click through via Topcashback, search for GLTC you save an additional 4%.
You have to sign up to Topcashback. But they are free and I've used them for two years now. Usually I forget to search for the shop I want to order from, but it has saved me at least £200 every year.
Most shops actually do give cash back and discount codes :)

(Photos belong to Great Little Trading Co.)

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