I popped into the tattoo place yesterday and, well I was supposed to get a time estimate (which was around 2 hours) but ended up booking to have my tattoo done. On saturday. This saturday. It is literally vomit in my throat because I am so afraid. SO afraid. 2 hours??? I can not sit still, and definitely not while getting scraped by a needle. Who does this? What insane people decide to have tattoos done???

I can't think. I look at my picture and want to change things - well just remove a strand of hair on the unicorn. But I still don't know where on the leg I want it. I want the face inwards as outwards feel wrong, like facing a knife away from the plate. It's hostile. But then the horn points like a big arrow towards my private parts and that's quite hostile too. So I've been looking at ways to position it, further down, further out but I'm not sure. If it's not right I will irritate myself on it until I die.

I literally can't take this stress. I should have just gone with the small birds on my shoulder blade.

Cry, cry, vomit, vomit.

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