Breaking out


Hey all, I literally don't know what's happened to my skin! When I was younger I had a lot of spots - acne, and these were due to sugar intolerance. When I stopped eating sweets at 18 they disappeared. And at 21 when I was expecting Jesse my skin was perfect. And that's been the case ever since. The pregnancy hormones made my skin resistant, great and carefree.

These past couple of weeks my ENTIRE face, arms (never had an arm spot before!) and back are covered is massive, painful cysts. It has not been this bad for many years and it makes me really uncomfortable. No makeup covers it, nothing helps. I haven't worn makeup for two weeks but that has made zero difference.

Literally can't take it. So now I'm looking at spot free pictures instead. Making me feel both worse and better... No big pores, no cysts, no pain. Just great skin!

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