My tattoo


I just came home after doing my first tattoo and gosh was it painful! The tattooist said I could do the outline and come back for the filling but I know I would never do that trip - better to stay put and sit it out. Plans of Wordfeud though went out the window. I needed to focus on random stuff in the room or I would have fainted. The colour was a lot more painful than the black because he had to dig deeper as colour doesn't last as long due to fading.The worst part was the white. Gaaaaaah that hurt. I'm sure he was down to the flesh at that point.

After about 30 minutes I stopped shaking, stopped crushing Gary's hand and didn't feel like fainting any longer. It was much more bearable at that point but he did do the black. Once I wanted more doing on the pink the pain was full force again :(

The tattoo took 2 hours 10 minutes and cost £100.
Now I'll have to see what it looks like once it's healed.
For now, it burns like crazy!

Didn't bleed at all though, that was a plus.

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