My Unicorn


It's been three days since I had the tattoo done and it's not red or burns anymore. It feels more like a massive bruise, but I feel really uncomfortable with it still. Like I can't sleep on my right side, I'm mostly on my stomach. I've also only washed it once! Baaah. You are supposed to wash it three times a day and I haven't even been able to get into the shower because I'm afraid of it hurting. The first time it burnt like a big burn mark, like stinging and feeling hot. I'm apparently not allowed to soak it in a bath either, and I was dying for one last night. But my hair is getting gross, so going to have to face it today.

Funny part is when I stand normally the unicorn has a nice long face, but when I bend my leg it turns mega chubby! Haha, so it's difficult to get a picture without showing a little fatty horse :D

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