Poor baby


It has been a very stressful week to say the least. My Jesse got an abscess and toothache last monday, his face had swollen up by tuesday and we had to go into hospital. Got some pencillin and saw the dentist last wednesday. They said the tooth needs to come out so we had to go to the hospital in Manchester, an hour away :(
After 4 hours in A&E we got transferred to the childrens ward. And on the thursday this week he had surgery to remove four teeth :(
It has been literally the worst time of our life. We got to go home on the friday and his face is finally back to normal, even though he is still on medication.

Now the hard part is finding soft things for him to eat as he's not a fan of soup.

This is what happens when children's teeth get bad. You can't fix them, drill them or reverse what's happened. Jesse's problems started when he drank apple juice at night.
What's been hard is to realise that sometimes you can't give your kids what they want all the time. But since we've been back we know how important it is so only drink water during the night.

Eden is not happy about this change, he used to have sugar free squash (which still contain fruit juices). He has been throwing angry fits and biting Gary and been totally berserk. But it only proves to me even more that water is the way forward.

I am personally someone who can't drink water like it is. I have to have it bottled and with lemon.

I hope that we never have to set foot there again!! Blaaah 

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