Hey, hey.
I've blogged for a month now and I had hoped I could have got 1000 visits by now - but 978 is a great start, so thanks to everyone who has been clicking in here!

I've been thinking about doing a tattoo for a few years now. I never liked them when I was growing up, but I'm getting old and I assume I will still love what I imprint now, in 50 years time.

First I wanted to do a few flying bird on my shoulder blade - which I still want, but randomly decided to get a massive thigh one... Of a unicorn :D
Well it WAS a unicorn that had to come first, I love them.

Oh btw, I've dyed my hair pink, maybe a onethirdlife crisis. Who knows. It washes out.

Anyway, I was looking at pictures - as I can't draw very well, and I found a great one. Obviously, I would preferred a completely personalised tattoo so no one else has it but I fell in love with this one. It was exactly what I wanted so I Photoshopped it, printed it off and drew the parts I wanted to change. I'm going to pop into the tattoo artists this week and see what they say in terms of time etc.
They did give me an estimate previously at around 2-4 hours. That sounds horrible. I will get bored and then die from pain.

These are nice tattoos.

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