The Yellow weights


Okay, so you know I do a little bit of exercising at home, and when I was going to buy dumbbells I Googled what would be the best weight/type etc. Gary has those big, heavy, bar ones that are ugly, uncomfortable and boring. I want colour. The problem with colour is that they don't weigh as much as the bars where you can adjust how many kilos you need.
The pink ones I wanted only came in something pointless like a pound. I mean, a pound? No.

Then I came across a blog, written by a woman who do a lot of weight lifting. She also works as a personal trainer, and she pointed out that there is no need, ever, to use dumbbells that weigh less than 4 kilos. That's 9 pounds, each. Apparently, you lift more when you carry your child or the grocery bags etc etc.
But NO you don't!

Okay, so I ordered the 4 kilo ones. Yeah, what happened? I have no arm muscles. 4 kilos are like nothing I've ever carried in my life. I can lift these seven times and then I am dead, and this means they are too heavy for me.

I know enough about weight training (after all, I have done it on and off since I was 16 - and yes, back then I had better muscles) to know that repetition gives better results than overdoing it with too much weight. I am used to 12x3. Not 7x1. Bit stupid that.
Then WHY can't I use 4 kilo weights when I have two children who I always carry because I believe in attachment parenting? And I am the one doing the grocery shop.

Let's look at the facts here:
You don't really carry children with your arms past three months of age. They then use THEIR leg muscles to cling on and you carry with your legs/back. The arms are only there as support.

Most of the time grocery shopping is made either by car or with help from a pram. The times I do carry bags I place them in my arm crease - I've always done this, because why? I don't have the muscles to carry them like normal people! Actually, I usually slot both my arms into the handles and carry the bags over my stomach/chest. Well, anything to be comfortable. If you have no problems walking around like a weirdo, you probably don't need muscles. Just saying.
In conclusion, I'll continue with these stupid yellow ones but I'll definitely downgrade to a size smaller very soon. Or I'll just join the gym again. Solved that one.

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