Breastfeeding? More like feeding anger


It's no surprise the 'scandal' of something simple as breastfeeding are all over the news once again. The criminal, daring to utter his disgust this time is UKIP leader Nigel Farage, who explained 'people' feel very embarrassed when they see a woman feeding her child.

In no way shall we ever come to defend anyone involved with an openly racist party like UKIP but he also mentioned that women shouldn't 'openly' breastfeed - meaning; don't let your boobs hang out. Which is true.

How this is even a debate is beyond me. If we look at the law it clearly states that breastfeeding is acceptable everywhere in England and if someone makes you feel bad about it, then you can rightly so, step out in the press for a whine.
But in the same breath, it is not illegal to ask a woman to show respect to fellow customers/people.

I am someone who have no issues with breastfeeding anywhere. After all, the looks people give you from a screaming, starving baby is far worse than if they see your sideboob.

However, when I breastfed (which I did for 16 months with both my children) I always kept a scarf with me. Lightweight, easy and yes, respectable.

It is true that feeding your baby is the most natural thing in the world, but it doesn't mean you have to flash yourself when there are so many quick and easy ways to cover up. Sometimes, the baby grabs the scarf and throws it away and you have to scoot around with boob and baby hanging out. It happens. Get over it.

One thing I do not agree with is when people expect you to cover up the 'idea' of breastfeeding, that they don't want to see the baby's head, performing this task of survival. As long as your breasts aren't visible then people can sod off.

People show more breast on the beach, on the tv, in the papers, than when they breastfeed. So it's quite clear it's not the breasts per se, and if people get offended that babies need to eat then maybe these people should lock themselves up in a dark, damp room and never have kids of their own. Because when you have one, the quicker you can get that breast out, the quicker the baby stops screaming - which to me, sounds like the best option for all complainers out there!

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