Christmas baking


Today I am super ill. Like I've had a cold and a cough for a few days now so I feel so rough all day long. Horrible. It better clear for Christmas!

I decided to push through it so we could make gingerbread cookies and almond paste. Almond paste is something I make every year for almond balls. These are chocolate nougat wrapped in almond paste and dipped in chocolate. The best thing ever.

To make almond paste;

Equal amounts ground almonds and Icing sugar (I used 400 grams of each)
A few drops of water and a drop of almond flavour.

Mix in a mixer. Done!

I leave in the fridge for a day or two to make it firmer :)

Jesse wanted to do only one heart cookie and then he left to spend time watching Minecraft!
Seriously, where's the spirit?

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