Kappahl baby


When we have another baby, which is hopefully on a horizon near by ;), I've had a thought to make a trip to my Sweden and buy some baby clothes. Some shops are now delivering here, but one of my favourite ones are Kappahl, and they don't. They do really cute baby and children's clothes. 
I've gotten used to finding cheap clothes here in England (and even paying £7 for a shirt that will be stained on day one is hard!) so when looking at swedish prices it does make me take a step back. Yes you can find cuter, better, more unique clothes over there, but you won't stock up on £20 per shirt or £10 for leggings if they aren't something 'special'.

I hope we will get a girl, because I will go on the biggest spending spree ever! I am literally so over seeing the boy clothes in the cupboard. They've been there for five years. Maybe I'll get some of these cuter things instead? :)

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