Money makes the world go... Somewhere else


One thing I've thought a lot about and it annoys me to no extent, is the fact that 'nothing is free'. Everytime you want to take the children somewhere you have to pay £20+ and it's just ridiculous. Most places I want to go are educational. The only free such a place is Manchester Museum which, if you've been there once it's all the same. And it is so boring. I'm not interested in looking at dead, stuffed animals and it's not something I think is very 'educational' for my children either. I mean, they have seen real, live rabbits. Why put them full with filler? No.
I shouldn't even mention that many forests here charge a £5 entrance to get in. You understand the problem?!

Obviously, all this comes to a head at Christmas. Where you have to find good activities. If the Santa is free it is over crowded. Last year we visited Tatton Park, and it was so bad. Santa was late, slow, too far away. And all he did was literally just glide around in his sleigh, then disappeared. He then popped up later on but was MOBBED. My kids couldn't even see him. And we were freezing cold.

So then we decided to got to Ikea. That Santa was free and even gave a gift. But he was in his 30's and had a really simple costume on. My children were not tricked. And things like that can do more damage than good. You as a parent must seem trustworthy, saying "that's Santa!" and then you very clearly can see it's not Santa. How will the kids believe You? How will they believe Santa exists? Because he does. Very much like the Unicorn. Probably extinct though.

I've now booked a £10 per child breakfast with Santa. Which to me, is crazy! What if he looks simple too?? Price means nothing.

Oh and a second thing that really bugs me, is that once you pay these £10, £20, £30 per child prices, you then aren't allowed to take photos, anywhere. No, Santa and Legoland charge you an extra £10. And everywhere else simply says, no. "No, we are sour companies not believing in documenting memories for you and your children, how dare you even ask?" Yep. That's that. I asked if we are allowed to take photos with Santa, she answered "they haven't told us no". Nope but what usually happens is - I bring my normal, DSLR camera and all of a sudden they think the worst (don't know what) and I am told not to use it. Always happen. Blah blah blah. I pay, I want photos. Simple, no?

This is the best Santa we've seen...

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