Night feeds?


Night feeds.
How did you cope with that?

For me they were so easy. Yes, the hard part is definitely to wake up! But since I believe in attachment parenting I always slept next to my babies. They had an open bed next to mine they could roll in and out of if they wanted.
But because of this, night feeds was a breeze.

When they needed milk, I just placed them on my breast, while still laying down in my bed.

Jesse never liked burping he was so whiny when I tried sitting him up for a burp. He tried falling back again, kicking and being sour. He wanted to fall asleep on my boob. After the first few weeks, he stopped drinking the milk when he fell asleep and just used it as a dummy. Uncomfortable, yes, but it meant both of us could sleep.
At that point he completely stopped burping. I have to make that clear that babies MUST burp, generally, to avoid colic and built up gases. But I can firmly say that my Jesse was a farter. Instead of burping, he was very happy feeding, falling asleep
and fart all night. He never had problems with stomach pains or else. So that worked for him.

Parents might believe they always know the best for their children, but they are from an early age very determined in how they like things. And I would never go against what my children want, unless I believe different ;)

Eden on the other hand was a very normal baby. He still fed in the same way Jesse did but burping was very important for Eden. He had to burp several times during a feed. But he was quick and efficient. And I still lay in bed. I am literally so tired all the time, there is no way I could ever be someone who collects the baby, sits on a chair, checks Facebook etc during a feed. No way!
I lay there, sit the baby up, burp him, then lay him down again!

Eden has never had stomach problems either. But you can see what your babies want and no formula fits them all! Every person is an individual and as a parent you learn how to change around your kids.

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