Stupid Youtube


Okay, I know I'm getting old. Anything computer related that was easy peasy ten years ago, seems impossible to understand! I'm not even sure how I am still standing in this technology crazy world.

Today's fret - Youtube.

I used to have a Youtube account linked to a normal hotmail. Not sure how that works, as Youtube wants me to sign in with Gmail! It's not Gmail.

This is not the point. I use a new email (still not Gmail) but obviously when I signed up to Blogger it created a Gmail email for me (thanks?) and so I used it to log into Youtube.


Except I now learnt that with new Google+ you can't pick your own channel name. You HAVE to use the name that's on your Google profile.

So naturally, as that is a profile it's under MY name. I want my video channel under my BLOG name.

Is this no longer possible?
Am I doomed?

Can I never have any of those cute and quirky weird little names that turn into peoples brands?
Because, clearly, I won't change my Google profile to my blog name. Or deal with the hassle of creating a new one.

Can ANYONE out there either help, or tell me I'm doomed?


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