Tiny update


Hey everyone.
Just a super quick update.

Me and kids started getting really ill on Christmas day (good thing main Christmas is on the 24th!) and we have had bad coughs and snotty noses and everything bad since then. I'm basically adding some general feelings of sickness to that, and this means we've done nothing.

Kids are watching Minecraft non stop and I stare into a wall.
Husband went back to work two days ago after Christmas time off and it's not fun. Thankfully my children have been sleeping in until 10.30 and I am not sure if I could get up earlier! I spend all night coughing and Luna dog still wants to go out every single 4 am and then I need to pee and Jesse wakes up and comes into our bedroom etc etc. You get it. I got more sleep with newborns around!
Going loco in a minute. I hate being sick. A cough is the worst, nothing helps! Last year I had a persistent 3 month HORRIBLE cough. Doctor gave me several doses of antibiotics cause my lungs were killing me. Better ease up earlier this time.

When we are feeling better I'll show some stuff I got for Christmas and the kids and so on. For now, here's the gifts I saved and gave Gary on his Christmas i.e Day. Playstation 4! Woop. But then we couldn't do much because the network is down due to hackers :S

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