What kind of mum are you?


I love quizzes. And here is one from a book called How to Be a Hip Mama Without Losing Your Cool by Jenny Scott:

Who are You?

I got 2/3 on two types:

She's the kind of mum that doesn't just have your average partner - her partner is the drummer in that hot new band and she has a little black book of friends that include the whole back catalogue of the Nineties' musical heroes.
This mum is never seen in anything that isn't leopard print and is never without a slick of red lippy. She certainly isn't interested in sport or getting fit.
Her favourite kind of night in involves sitting with a bottle of beer surrounded by vinyl talking about the good old days when Courtney and Kurt had just met. 
This mum rarely has time to stand around talking at the school gates – being rock 'n' roll cool is a full-time occupation.

This is the mum who wants it all, and more than any other kind of mum she puts way too much pressure on herself.
It's not enough to just be a good mother, it's just as important to feel confident and look good - these mums are very proud.
She sees absolutely no reason why having kids should mean letting yourself go. In fact, since having hers, she's dropped two dress sizes, run two marathons and started her own company. 
But by no means is this lady competitive she is the kind of friend every woman needs in their lives! 
She's supportive, inspiring and motivating and loves having an early night with a good book as much as she likes to have a wild night out.

Which is really funny. The top one is true minus the drummer part. My husband is the lead singer ;)
And also, I would never drink beer! And leopard print does look good on me :P

Second one is super true too. I believe you should make an effort to look your best before and after kids :)

Even though I love exercise deep down, I also hate it and rather not.

Which mum are You?

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