Clothes and macaroons


So, I might be stupid or something, but even though I am waiting for this miscarriage to clean out my uterus I have had urges to buy baby clothes. I mean, just because THIS baby didn't happen doesn't mean I won't have a new chance in a month or two. I have gotten pregnant within a month every time so that's something that I believe will happen again. Sooner or later a baby will wear these clothes :)

Then I got a raspberry macaroon from Selfridges, as I have never tried a macaroon. But the butter cream inside these (and on all the cupcakes we bought) was seriously hideous. It tasted like sugared butter :\ yuck! I make my frosting 50/50 butter and whipping cream or butter and cream cheese. Or cream cheese and whipping cream works too, but all butter? No. You think they should know with the prices they charge! And it didn't taste like raspberries either...

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