Poop's the title


Hey all, due to recent events I'm taking 600 mg of ferrous sulphate (iron tablets) every day. Since I got these from the pharmacy counter and not the doctor I have actually no idea how long I'm supposed to take them for. And will this amount be dangerous if I get pregnant again? I know extra iron in pregnancy is good but we're talking 14 mg not 600.

Well, I have experienced some side effects to these tablets, like big massive, painful spots - everywhere, weird dry skin (mostly forehead), bad stomach pains and BLACK poop. That black poop comes on very suddenly and about 3-4 times a day. I mean, I'm regular (once a day) but it's super though sitting through this 4 times. Poor bum.

Yeah yeah, too much info, but we all do take a dump, believe it or not :S
Also I fart, a lot. Always been a farter, can't burp ;)

Two summers ago :)

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  1. Rekommenderar spatone (finns överallt, boots, tesco etc). Ett naturligt järnrikt vatten, utan side effects. Jag tog det hela graviditeten och även innan, hade aldrig någon järnbrist. Väldigt milt för magen :)

  2. Fint! Tack for det, jag ska genast kolla upp den :D