Tax... Return


Tax returns. They are not fun.
You see, I'm registered as self employed. So every year in April-May-June I get a letter from the tax people to do my self assessment before 31st of January next year (which means this year). And every year when I get it I think; "I should do it right now, so I don't have to think about it", but every year this day comes. Two days until deadline and I go into major stress zone! Because, for every day you are late with it they charge you £100 A DAY. Crazy!

On top of leaving it so late, there is always an issue. A couple of years ago my computer broke down and I had my login details on it. And these are confusing numbers and letters that no one would remember. I was screwed. In the end I found the document on an old disc!

I never learnt though, as you see, me sitting here two days before THE END.

Today when I logged in I didn't see the normal message of; "please leave your return", it just said in tiny letters - you are registered as an individual, not a business. My heart started racing. How was I going to sort this out??????
So I just clicked around until I randomly fell upon a page where it said, in tiny letters; "file a return?" YES you could have said that on the front page! Disaster diverted, but gosh I almost fainted.

My new years resolution for this year is - DO THE TAX RETURN THE MOMENT YOU GET IT! Which would mean in 3 months time... Sigh.

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  1. I've been saying the same for months but no only got it done today.
    The fine is actually £100 for being just a day late then £10 every day after up to £900

  2. Haha! It really is tedious! It's quite extortionate the 'fines' you get. Still don't understand why we leave it so late. Excitement or the like.