Yep, so here's another excuse post - we know all bloggers do them, all the time!

I have so much I want to write about and take photos of and show up all the new cool clothes I've gifted myself or the amazing stuff I got for Christmas, or new years resolutions or plans for 2015, but the problem is I have no energy to do so.

I have started my own Youtube channel because I want to start vlogging (you know, video blogging) but I have been waiting for two things mainly (along with excuses). 1. I want to get a ring light. I know I already have big and great lights but I have my mind set on a ring one! Sadly, they've been sold out but are coming back into stock this month.
2. I had an idea of what I wanted to vlog about but certain blockages have set a big a halt to it, and it might be weeks before it's cleared.

So then what else can one talk about?

Here's my Youtube.

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