Almost negative


So didn't tell you people, but obviously two days ago I still had quite a strong positive (for being me - I don't get them equally as dark) but when I tested yesterday (saturday) it was almost a complete negativ. Yeah there was a faint line, but today the test showed a barely there line. I'm guessing in another 2 days my body should be restored to normal.

Now, on top of this I've got a dilemma. Me and my husband has been broken up for a few days and it will definitely continue (not sure what to do yet) but we had sex several times on days I should be fertile, and although I want a baby more than him it will be much harder going through a full breakup with this pending over my head. But what's life without excitement eh? 

We have broken up so many times over the past 4 years it always confuse me. It does feel different this time. The way he's acted just isn't morally supportive in my eyes and he's said somethings that won't be forgotten. I just don't see how we could go on like this.

Anyway, if I've gotten pregnant again I'll know in 14 days.

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