HCG is falling


It's now been 17 weeks ago I found out I was pregnant and 12 weeks ago the fetus stopped developing. And today is the first day I finally got a negative pregnancy test. It has been a super faint line for sooo many weeks and it's been crazy frustrating.

Two weeks ago the doctor measured my HCG (pregnancy hormone) to be 51, a week later it was 33. That means it's probably just hit the 20 line today where a test can pick it up. Obviously I doubt it's down to zero, and as far as I know your level must be below 5 to be able to get pregnant again.

You have no idea how long this journey has been, that I was 'pregnant' for 12 weeks when in reality it should only have been 5. Every day feels like a lifetime and anyone who do want a baby and has to go through something like this can probably agree that the wait is the worst. How can we HOPE for a negative test??

Too insane for the brain to understand, that's for sure. Up and onwards!

At least I have these monsters to keep me occupied :D

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