I'm 17, really


Not happy.
Was asked for ID when I bought a Blue WKD today. I had my kids there, I was buying food, and somehow the cashier thought I was 17. Like the past 8 years meant nothing, that being an adult hasn't been the worst years of my life. I didn't say a word to him, just gave him my passport. He stared at it for ages, obviously trying to calculate how bloody old I was if I was born in 1988.

The funny thing is, it's always men who ask to see ID. Never women. Do men in some weird, screwed up way, believe we'll be flattered? Should I feel flattered that I still have to bring my passport out at 26 (going on 27) to buy an alcopop?

I am so offended. These big red stickers say; Under 25? Be prepared to show ID. Well I'm NOT under 25!!!

Not taking it. Next time I'll say no, and if they refuse to sell I'll start screaming. That's going to be my mature response. I've had ONE Rekorderlig in the past 6 months, I believe I can handle one alcopop.

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