People's opinions in pregnancy


If anyone dares talking about 'diet' or 'weight loss' or even exercise during pregnancy, there is always someone chiming in how bad you are. What a horrible parent you are/will be. And of course, this attitude won't change.
The way I've been in my pregnancies have been totally different. And I got very opposite response from people.

First thing first; before I've even known I'm pregnant I've gone of my regular everyday Pepsi Max. I gravitate towards lemon water and occasional juices. We know that caffeine intake during early pregnancy can cause miscarriage and you should never have more than 200mg a day; this is two cups of coffee or 4 glasses of Cola. So it's fair to say that my body 'knows' what's good for growing babies.

But how does my diet change?

When I was pregnant with my first, Jesse, I was VERY adamant not to gain more than baby weight. Which is around 10 pounds. That was my top gain. So to achieve this I started eating salads with protein and a bit of dressing, and that is all I remember eating. It was healthy, I made sure I had a lot of chicken or fish and if I wanted snacks it was clean meat or fruit. I ate around 10 oranges every day - this was my only craving.

During that pregnancy I only gained 10 pounds. Exactly, and that was my plan. I didn't 'feel' pregnant, had no pains and no problems. I felt normal. When I came home from hospital the same day as giving birth I had lost 8 of those 10 pounds - which was Jesse's birth weight. The rest fell off within 3 days and I was back to normal.

I constantly got harassed from random people that I should gain more weight, as they thought my start weight of 50 kilos wasn't enough to sustain a baby. But I beg to differ. Jesse was a big baby and I had a healthy pregnancy. What's wrong with that?

With Eden, I gained weight very rapidly. I obviously still kept track of my weight so I would bloom up to 100 kilos or something similar! But I was a lot more laid back. I was still fit and was still exercising but not even near the 4 hours a day I did before my first pregnancy.

So I gained a lot. My diet was horrendous and I felt sluggish, fat and slow. I got back ache and feet ache and I just felt 'off' during the whole of that pregnancy.

After I had Jesse I lost weight, so I weighed 47 kilos. By the end of pregnancy with Eden I carried 65 kilos on my body. I have never weighed more than 53 kilos, so it's the biggest I've ever been. That's a 40 pound gain.

I was very unhappy with myself and I was petrified of stretch marks. Thankfully I only got some faint, white ones on my top thighs. But the weight took 3 months to fall off. I didn't diet or exercise and I was down to 49 due to breastfeeding. Within another 2 months I weighed in at 42 kilos and that's where I've stayed (until after this miscarriage where I'm now 53 kilos!)

No one commented on my weight. No one gave me compliments. But I have definitely got the feeling people don't ever tell you to gain weight out of concern, it's always jealousy. If you look like a heffer, people ignore you. If you look better than them, they tell you off.

So pop over to present time. I'm still positive since my miscarriage 4 weeks ago but I am on protein and Atkins shakes. I will join the gym again this month to lose the 11 kilos I've gained. When I am pregnant again I WILL stay fit.

Being over weight is not good for you or the baby and some people would do good losing during pregnancy instead of gaining. That's the simple fact.

I do know a lot about nutrition so people don't need to tell me what's good in pregnancy or on any other day of my life.

Eden 7 months

I will do a post about shakes and weight loss during pregnancy.

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