Valentines or Shamentines


Happy Valentines.
Husband had hid 3 gifts around the living room - one of these was a neck massager which will not find a home with me. Seriously, worst gift ever. It's like giving your wife a vacuum cleaner, don't do it.

I haven't seen him today though as he will be 13 hours in work. This doesn't make me happy at all. He has worked or dismissed every event for the past year, so it's not ideal.

We were supposed to go out for like AN HOUR tonight (as the only baby sitter we have can't ever actually help out, she has far too many more important things going on in her life, my kids are no included in that sadly, she already has another grandchild) but now I don't feel like it.

I woke up, was annoyed. Then found the gifts, got happy, then found the massager and now I'm annoyed again. It's rough being moody - it's always a new one!

Hope the rest of you get a better day than me.

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