Bane's of moving house VS Sweden


Moving. That's something I am used to.

My mother rarely stayed in one place for more than 6 months when I was growing up. Back then, I hated it. I especially resented it when we relocated from the east to the west side of Sweden, where I didn't know anyone.

As I get older I quite enjoy it. I would rather be without the stress of FINDING the next house, but clearing, sorting and emptying a whole house is such a tranquil moment. And cleaning is something I rarely do.

Our contract runs out in June and it's time for us to move again. We've lived in this house for 1.5 years and I can not wait to wave it goodbye. It is by no means the worst place I've stayed; it has no serious problems and it's private. Most importantly, it ticks all the boxes that I look for in a house. However, for what it is, it's VERY expensive. And what we failed to read in the small print was that it came FURNISHED. This is a problem with many English houses. Why would a family, who already has a life, want to live with someone else's dirty furniture for years?

Well we were locked in the contract and no where to move. After a lot of emailing I was finally allowed to throw the horrible, 80's, mattresses OUT. They were dirty, brown and full of rolling tobacco. We now have TWO sofas in our living room - one disgusting, brown leather one, and the third bedroom and all cupboards are used to store the house owners crap - like massive armchairs!

So paying this price and losing a bedroom, our living rooms, Gary's parents store beds in THEIR spare bedroom, it's just not appropriate and it makes me fuming mad when I think about it.

Anyway, WE ARE MOVING. And I couldn't be happier.

But then we arrive at the problems, and there are many.

These are the 'no compromise' needs in a house:

*Double door entrance - So Luna dog doesn't run out.
*NO carpets - This is a difficult one as 80% of houses have carpets, everywhere. Even in kitchens and bathrooms! Whaaaaaat?? I hear you.
*Mixer taps, again; everywhere - You wouldn't think this is a problem but trying to wash your face while throwing ice cold/hot water on you is a massive inconvenience
*Allows pets! - I have a dog and a cat, both well behaved, however out of 20 requested houses only 2 accepted pets.
*Windows - again, you'd think this is a basic requirement, however, a lot of British houses have very few windows and they are often small. In such a dark country it always amazes me who thought this was a good idea!

Then we can talk about price/area. Where we live now is one of the most expensive areas in Cheshire. It's next doors to footballers and the rich business elite. Yep, I actually live 10 minutes from these houses in a crabby, dark, little one but the price still reflects the 'general' area.

Preferably, I would like to buy my own house. But those prices are even worse! You get hardly no house for a lot of money. And knowing what you get back home in Sweden for less is making me take a step back. Wages are also twice as high over there.

Last bane, but not least, is the fact that all houses are only available 'NOW'. Which leaves little for planning. You have to take, what you can, that's on the market. And that is the absolute worst part. This is why rents are extortionate, because people are desperate. Yawn!

The best house close to me now vs southern Sweden (north are much cheaper with houses from £15.000) Would you pay £100.000 for a 3 bedroom static caravan? Or this amazingly massive wooden house?

You see, how can I part with money just to live in either a caravan or a terraced house with a million neighbours? Can't!

In conclusion, I'm both excited to find that British 'gem' and apprehensive for what compromises I have to make, just to live in someone else's house.

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