Clean bread


We've been switching to a much cleaner eating plan - even though it's hard when you want food quickly or when it comes to the kids. No matter how much vegetables are on their plates they rarely have more than one small piece. Jesse used to love broccoli but now, only mushrooms will do. Sometimes he agree to some cucumber or sweetcorn. But Eden is a whole other ball game! He don't want anything! He don't like vegetarian mince, chicken or any type of greens. If he could choose, it would be macaroni & cheese every dinner and lunch until the end of time. He also detest breakfast, whilst Jesse has to have it - pronto!

I've never eaten breakfast myself, as I don't function before 1 pm. Jesse got porridge every morning since he was 3 months old and he loved it, but Eden hated porridge, was grossed out by fruit and fruit pots - there was nothing he ate!

So now I don't care what they want anymore. Yes they can have tortellini and random brioches but it can't be their staple diet. We all know how bad white flour is. Not only does it contain hardly any fibre it is also bleached. Most white loafs have anti fungal acids, preservatives, damaging E-numbers and all sorts of nasty ingredients.

The best thing is naturally to make your own bread. It's so much tastier and healthier (as long as you aren't using white wheat flour!) but it does take a couple of hours and a few arm muscles (or a bread maker).

So if you want to buy your bread in a supermarket you will quickly realise how bad 99% of the bread are. First thing; a bread shouldn't contain 20+ ingredients, and if they use numbers and scientific words then you should steer clear.

I found this bread in Sainsbury's. It's not as good as home made bread but it's the best in nearby shops. These breads only last for a couple of days (less than half of the time of anti fungal varieties) and they are rock hard. However, they are really nice toasted. So much so that Jesse had three slices with banana and even 'no food' Eden said it was yummy!  

All in all Vogel's wholemeal and oat bread gets our thumbs up.

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