Dig for Gemstones


When we were browsing around B&M I saw a really cool digging activity. With Jesse and Eden being obsessed with Minecraft, getting this was a no-brainer. Jesse was super excited and couldn't contain himself. So we ended up chopping through it late in the evening :D

It cost £3.99 and they also had 'dig for gold' and 'dig for fossils'.

It started out as a plaster block and you're supposed to find the gemstones with a tiny little, plastic, shovel tool. However, the strength of that would just about get lotion out of a pot!

After about 15 minutes of getting nowhere (and Jesse almost spearing his eyes out with the useless tool) I went and got a hammer and a flat head screw driver. Then we took turns, violently hacking this rock hard piece of work. Even with my tools it took us an hour, a few holes in my table and a lot of will. I guess, if you use the plastic shovel you can probably get three days worth of 'fun' out of this. But we aren't like that. We NEEDED to find those gems!

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  1. How awesome is that? I have not paid a visit to B&M for a while... will definitely be checking it out - looks like they had lots of fun! Sim x

  2. B&M and Home bargains are my favourite stores! They always have random things I never knew I wanted :D