Ginger hair with Superdrug


I've been thinking of going back ginger for some time now. I usually dye it red twice a year but I had decided to NOT dye my hair. That didn't last. 
Everyone always says I suit the best in red hair, which obviously makes sense as I am naturally red.
But once you've bleached the hair and it has become porous, the pigments in the red dye doesn't stick very well. The colour on the ends usually run with the first couple of washes.

My extensions didn't take well to the dye, most washed off - but the second colour batch I mixed ended up much more faint, and so they will need a second colour coating.

Getting a natural ginger shade from a box is difficult. And it does work best if you mix. Stick to the same brand and type of dye!
I used Superdrug Colour Vibrance in shades 8.34 Rich Copper gold and 7.4 Mango Copper burst.

I took the developer from pack 1, used 3/4 of the 8.34 then mixed in 1/4 of the 7.4. I saved the rest of the colour tubes.

You can do this as long as you don't mix them with the developer - this must always be thrown/rinsed away.

Here is the great, little, toddler, ginger me

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