Grimm's natural toys


When I was a child, I went to a Waldorf nursery and school back in Sweden. The philosophy is based around nature play and to reuse products you find. In my school we studied more German language and Nordic mythology than we did conventional subjects like maths. We cooked our own lunch, always had to wash up (even in nursery) and to my horror - forest walks in pouring rain, which included getting ticks behind my ears... The idea is good. They have certain rules when it comes to colour; that painted in bright colours and with different techniques brings imagination. It's always non toxic paint and many times naturally made with vegetables.

In line with this, the toys we had were made of wool, wood, fabric and naturally pressed papers. A big supplier to the Steiner schools are a German maker called Grimm's Spiel und Holz. All their products are handmade and absolutely beautiful. are a UK stockist of these man made wonders.

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