I am naturally a redhead (more strawberry blonde as I've got older) and I am pale. Somewhere between a ghost and a block of chalk. I have absolutely no pigment - except for face freckles in the summer. I have never been brown, tanned or any shade of orange. Fake tans don't last more than a day or two so it's really time consuming.

A couple of years ago I started going to stand up sunbeds. Three times a week, and two days later I had the first colour I've had in a life time; slight shade of red. You see, I don't burn either. I don't react to sun in any way!

Where we lived at the time seemed to be tanning heaven. Loads of cheap, powerful sunbeds. I found one a street down from me and they even offered free tanning cream! I had always done 6-8 minutes a time and upped it to 12. That was a mistake. This new tanning place had VERY strong lamps. I got out after 10 minutes, and fainted. It was so embarrassing. On the upside - I finally had colour on me!

I then read about a cream from Playboy (yes, I do love Playboy), that's supposed to go on your legs (as these are more difficult to tan) while in a tanning bed. I put this all over. And I tanned much quicker! Although that time I put it on my face I burnt it right off...

I kept going and after a total of 2 months I had a base tan. This shade was something like normal peoples skin colour without a tan, but to me it was amazing!

Then we moved, I got pale again, and the tanning places here are expensive and crap :S

But looking at my tanning pics makes me want one again! Problem is, it costs me about £300 to get to that base tan and that's ridiculous!

I have tried the tanning bed in DW Fitness, but that was the worst of them all - on top of that, they don't let me have more than 8 minutes and it doesn't even get warm enough. Scam is what it is.

And one time, after a swim in the pool, I decided to go for a tanning session. I looked down halfway through and saw all these dark spots, all over my stomach, legs, arms. Something must have reacted to the chlorine in the pool, but I got so scared! These marks weren't visible in normal light and all I could think was how damaging it is to your skin!

After this I developed a dark shadow between my eyebrows - because sunbeds are BAD! And I've had fillers to correct it. What a vicious circle.

Early 2013 - Amaaaazing

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