Meike ring flash


I've been wanting to get a ring flash for a long time now but the main reason for it was to stabilise the light on videos, so a portable one seemed to be the best choice.
These on the camera ring light 'flashes' are cheap. You would have a harder time paying top prices than great prices. It doesn't affect the standard of the light, because it's not brain surgery. It's just a lamp. It is close to day light but I still found it to be a bit 'flashy' instead of mimicking the great outdoors solar power.

What does it do? Why would you need one?

So, if you are taking pictures in day then go with natural light, but inside and darker places it really is great. When it comes to child photography - anything that helps reducing blur is a god send! This ring light makes the photos come out a lot sharper, but that's what flashes do.

You can use this as a constant light (perfect for videos) but it suck batteries like crazy, and it requires 4 AA. You probably wouldn't get an hour's worth out of high brand batteries if you have this turned on.

The light is white unless you use the colour temperature attachment and this gives the pictures a warmer tone. 

When I used it indoor for filming it added a warmer hue even without the attachment, so you will have to sort your camera settings to get a good balance. However, it helped the auto focus on my Canon to correctly focus, which is something it doesn't always do quick enough.

As you can see, the light clearly add a 'flash' type of exposure and I found it to work best on the highest setting. This, however, was uncomfortable for the kids eyes, so you'll have to play around with the camera settings and probably up your ISO while you turn down the brightness. 

All in all, it seems great. My flash came with several attachments to accommodate lens sizes, not all of these lights do - but that could be awkward! I just got this one on Ebay but Meike or Yongnuo are the brands I really recommend when it comes to flashes. These ring lights will all cost you less than £30.  

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