Pregnant! Week 4+


Hey everyone. So I should be 4 weeks 5 days pregnant (but it could be more as I TMI - bled every day last month, so I don't actually know when I would have ovulated) My app wanted to put me at 5 weeks + but I doubt it.

So it's super early yet - as both my miscarriages happened at 5 weeks. Hope, hope hope for the best!

Anyway I'll just pop a little info here about symptoms as it's still interesting to look back at;

Fatigue: Not too much. I have been having a couple of naps for the past week and my energy goes up and down. All of a sudden I can start cleaning or playing with the kids, then the next minute I feel like a dead fish. Break time!

Nausea: This is something that usually starts in week six for me and mostly if I'm in a car. The 'worst' nausea I've ever had has been with my miscarriages - I was all right when I was expecting Jesse and Eden. So never any vomiting or anything. This week, I've felt a little bit sick in the car (because Gary seriously needs to clean his, so it stinks!)

Breasts: So, this is something that has never bothered me before. Not until third trimester at least. But for the first time ever my left breast has been in pain! And last night I noticed that I had milk coming from it. That was weird, my milk usually doesn't start producing until a few weeks leading up to labour. Second thing is, it's not clear like usual in the beginning, it's like normal milk!

I don't know what these things mean but when you've gone through miscarriages you start feeling very wary and can't believe a baby actually will stick around. You're not happy until it's here!

I have my first midwife appointment next week and I am going to book an appointment with a doctor to refer me for an early scan. Normally you don't get them unless you've had three consecutive miscarriages but because my last one was a silent (missed) miscarriage and took 5 months to come back from, the Early pregnancy unit has agreed to scan me at heartbeat stage. 

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