Pregnant week 5+


According to my first calculations I should be 5 weeks and two days today, but I have realised I might actually be 5 days less.

We have got a scan for the 5th of May and I really hope everything is looking great and that nothing bad happens before (or after!).

I haven't woken up this week and felt any different. I've lost almost a kilo (2 pounds) and I've been going crazy for chicken salad (as in; chicken, salad, cucumber and Caesar dressing).
I'm still in bed early (around 11) and wake up between 8-9. My normal pattern is bed at 3 am, up at 10-11. The children have been waking up a lot earlier too, but I think that's because it's so bright outside now. 
The first thing Eden says in the morning is; "Wake up! It's DAY!" Haha :D

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