Eurovision winners!


Did you watch Eurovision song contest? I didn't, purely because I don't know much about Swedish music any more and the times we've been on it it's been really, really bad.
So yesterday I just googled the winner and was pleased to see our own Måns Zelmerlöw win the whole thing. I just remember him from being on Swedish Idol back in 2005 (or something) and a few hit singles like 'Cara Mia'. But I always liked him. He's a really nice, charming and down to earth guy who's really easy to talk to - because yes, everyone knows everyone in tiny Sweden ;)

So a BIG congratulations to uber sexy Måns, he deserved it because both his song and performance was ace.

I have grown into my big, ball head since 2007 :D
But here's us. And yes, his forehead was touching mine. Score!

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