Pregnancy; That Scare


Last week I started bleeding, and obviously when that's happened in the past it's been BAD news. So we were really stressed out waiting for the scan today. I had no pain and bled bright red/dark red for 24 hours. Bright red is supposed to be bad.
We went into the scan thinking the worst, of course, and the training sonographer couldn't find anything. When the main midwife took over  she found it straight away, but it was tiny. Probably around 3 mm. But we saw the little heartbeat flicking away!!! With my previous miscarriages the fetus stopped growing before we reached that milestone.
They couldn't give a better estimate how far along I am but it is 5-6 weeks like I've calculated.
The reason for the bleeding wasn't fully established but they did see a pocket underneath the pregnancy sack that was either a bleed or a fibroid but it shouldn't cause any difficulties, but I might bleed again.

The worst part now is that the stress starts all over again, because it will be another 6 weeks before the next scan and anything can happen.

But for now, we're out of the woods <3

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