Pregnancy week; 8


These past couple of weeks has been horrendous due to the nausea. I know that my pregnancy vitamins make me feel a lot worse, so I've switched them and so I'm only taking folic acid and vitamin D, and it has helped so much. I still have the underlying sick feeling but it no longer feels like I want to vomit all the time (which I, thankfully, haven't done!)

Something else that's been a bit of a problem is that this week I went with Jesse to karate and joined in, which I really shouldn't have done! Since then, my uterus has been aching and feeling tight and every time I stand up I get shooting pains. I know this happens due to ligaments stretching, but after the karate it's like I've done a billion sit ups - and I definitely didn't do that! They do a lot of twisting movements though, which we know isn't all that favourable in pregnancy.
He's going back tomorrow, but I'm staying firmly on the floor!

Other than this - cravings. This is something I haven't experience before in pregnancy (except when I was expecting Jesse, all I wanted was salmiak). I've always said that cravings don't exist, that they are a reason for people to eat bad things.

Now, that hasn't been my problem. I can't eat those things. My cravings mean that I don't eat all day until I finally 'know' what I want. If I try to eat something else, I feel ill for the whole day. 
A couple of days ago I needed a mango. I couldn't eat until I had one of those. My husband was in work so it wasn't until 8 pm until I finally had my craving satisfied! That was tough. The other one was laughing cow, triangle cheese. Couldn't touch anything else that day. But the day after, the mere look of them set my stomach into turmoil.

You have NO idea how annoying this is!

Due to this; Weightloss - 0.6 kilos.

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