Pregnancy week; 9


I thought (or hoped) I would wake up today and all the nausea would have miraculously disappeared. NOT the case. If anything the tiredness is even worse. I can't even go for a five minute walk without wanting to lay down for a nap on a nice piece of grass somewhere.

Weirdly enough, I'm in some sort of time warp. Even though the weeks go so slow I sit here and think it was no more than two days ago I did a pregnancy update.

My hospital booking in appointment was pushed back and I have that next monday - where I will also get my 12 week scan date! Woop!

I used my doppler again yesterday and it took a little bit longer finding the heartbeat (just over 5 minutes) because it was hiding under my own, very loud vein! Veins - you don't understand how annoying they are until you try to find a baby's heartbeat. They are everywhere and much louder than anything else.

I didn't wake up with a massive bump this week either. The baby should be the size of a large cherry but the uterus remain the same as an orange. The baby also stopped being an embryo this week! AND it can wiggle its arms and legs. It will probably be another month before I feel these movements though.

Weightloss/gain: Another 0.5 kilo down which means I've lost just over a kilo.
Milk: Still leaking
Clothes: Nothing fits, I have to wear the same baggy Primark pants every day - not a good look. But weirdly enough my pregnancy leggings and pants are too tight, no idea who invented them but I hate over the bump. Absolutely useless.

I just want a bump now! This is taking far too long.

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