Father's day; Gulliver's World


On father's day we decided to go to Gulliver's world as we had never been there before. I did assume it was going to be bigger than it was and that is would have been more aimed towards younger children as adults generally would be going to Alton Towers. There was about 4 attractions that the kids could go on and for £15 per person I found that a bit tight. Obviously, me being pregnant I was banned from the majority of rides and even the haunted house was not really haunted at all - I mean there were dolls of religious monks having a cheerful time with a jug of beer! Hahaha, ooooohh so scary!

The kids were mainly playing on the many different playgrounds scattered around, and generally, that's not something we would pay for as they are readily available everywhere!
In the end, it was a new, exciting thing for the kids to try but we won't be going back in a hurry, that's for sure.

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  1. It's terrible we have Gulliver's Land just around the corner and I've been once with my kids, years ago, I think it may be a little larger than Gulliver's world but I could be wrong, they are not exactly huge.