Pregnancy week; 10


So I know that first of all - I'm two days late with this post, and that secondly all you see are these weekly pregnancy pictures. It's bad I know. I do sit here and I have so many things I want to write about but the nausea and tiredness hasn't let up yet and it's starting to get tedious. Because I no longer get ANYTHING done. I never turn on the computer, I am waaaay behind with paying bills and I haven't washed my hair in a week. Literally, the only things I can manage is turning the bath tap on, sit in the bath, be too tired to get out, and then I pass out on the sofa.

The days it's just me and the kids are hard, but at the same time I find that energy because I simply don't have a choice. They need to be fed and drinks poured and books read. I actually find that when husband is home LESS things are getting done for them because I expect him to give me a break and he expects me to still remember to tell him it's time for this and that. I can't even remember my children's names!! And I more often than not call the dog Jesse or Eden or both. Going through everyone's names before arriving at the correct one.

Needless to say, we've had some bad mishaps. But as long as the kids aren't forgotten in a random park somewhere I guess we'll get through it.

The past couple of days has been really nice and warm though, so we've managed to get out. We've been to a farm, had some ice cream and took Luna to the forest. But using my less than existing energy on long walks means I go to bed before 10 every night - when I'm usually a 3 am kind of person.

Getting to the symptoms:
Breasts: Really sensitive and still small amount of leakage. They have also got a bit bigger and firmer.
Nausea: Started to go a bit on/off so probably between a 5-6 on severity
Tiredness: I've had a few good moments, but they don't last long.
Poop: I know this is weird and gross (although my family love a good poop talk) but I've never experienced pregnancy constipation - which I know affects most women. So, still flowing normally.
Pee: THIS has been the newest, horrible, issue. Because I HAVE to pee every hour and if I don't I get extreme pain in my bladder, to the point I feel dizzy and sick. I've started going up 5 times in the night for a pee and it's simply too early for this disturbed sleep!
Diet: I have been able to eat more than in the past 5 weeks but I still feel really ill afterwards. Some things gross me out and I hate looking at pictures of food, especially fatty or sugary things.
Weight: I've had no change this week, which means I've still lost 1.1 kilos.

We have the 12 week scan booked for June 19th and in 6 weeks time we will do a private, gender scan - because I really want to find out if we're finally having a girl! With this being the worst pregnancy I've experienced, it would only be fair.

Donkey selfie at the farm.

Eden and Gary <3

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