Pregnancy week; 11


So this post is a few days late... This week my nausea has let up, and I only feel it a few times a day. I have been even more tired though, to the point of falling asleep on the sofa three hours after waking up.

I've felt some movements - especially when I use the doppler, and these movements happen 2 cm away from the heart which means it must be the tiny legs kicking out.

I've been eating more but I've still lost more weight, because going from eating nothing to 'more' feels like all I do is eat, but when I count the calories I get less than 800 calories a day. That makes me wonder why I only lose a few hundred grams a week then! I should be a bag of bones by now. Clearly, I've made good food choices all along so the calories I do get are great ones and not empty ones like many ice cream lovers live on. So I'm not concerned.

I am so excited about our 12 week scan on Friday and I still hope they'll put me a week ahead so it's sooner to know the gender.

But guess what? In 11 days we need to move out of our house and we STILL haven't found anywhere else!!!

Absolutely ridiculous, but British houses are so ugly I'm no way paying for someone else's horrendously dirty carpets :S I mean, what?

Wish us luck!

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