We have finally moved! But a week later the house is still an absolute MESS. We needed to do every single room from floor to ceiling. We got £200 to spend on decor but that's not even been a dent in how much it's already cost and this far, we don't even have one room fully completed. There are not even wardrobes in the bedrooms and the rooms aren't that big!
So the kids room has a part of their wall that goes in where their tv unit has been but my DIY brain has obviously come up with amazing ideas of how to turn the entire hole into a wardrobe with railings, shelves and drawers. We still need to buy all these things though so everyone's clothes are still in bags on the floor. Sigh. It's incredibly hard painting and doing the floors when our enormous amount of STUFF is laying around everywhere! It's too overwhelming.

The only wallpapering we've done...

In the living room we need to put down laminate flooring, paint one radiator and finish the wallpaper on the feature wall - we have put up 4 strips but that took us 4 hours because we are useless at wallpapering. Doesn't help that nothing is straight either.

We got the internet set up yesterday - which meant that the kids could finally watch Youtube again. It was a big moment for them and they were far too excited to watch The Diamond Minecart and Play-doh eggs.

We've had people around all the time which is highly annoying, but things need to be done. They've been around to cut the jungle garden both front and back, but it was so much they need to redo it next week as well!

Then yesterday I came home and noticed some men on my ceiling and back garden! I was like: ....
Apparently they had an agreement with the old tenant to fix our roof as it leaks onto the neighbours garden. Well okay, that kind of doesn't apply anymore. Normally, being the principle '24 hours notice' person I am I would have told them to eff off (which coincidentally I did to the gas man who came in and were SO rude!) but I decided I just want all this fixing over and done with so we can move on with our lives. Maybe it's a new leaf in my attitude... We'll see.

You all should see the state of my bedroom though, ALL black with a zebra print feature wall. That's miles away from my shabby chic pink and white dream room. We have yet to buy the paint and wallpaper for that so every morning I wake up in my dark, black, dingy room I literally want to die. Our bathroom was originally black too, then I painted it light blue but then we bought dark brown flooring and then it's not working at all with the blue so I get palpitations every time I use the bathroom. This is why you should plan an ENTIRE room before you randomly start somewhere.

Anyway, I'll give you some before and after pics after we've finished a room. Hopefully ONE room will be done soon!
I mean even the kitchen (which is brand new) needs a complete revamp because the walls are RED. And I hate wooden cupboard doors so I will have to paint them - pink. Obviously.

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